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August 2018 - Three New European Standards Concerning Safe Bedding For Infants Published

New European Standards for children's sleep bags, cot bumpers and duvets for children, have been published in August 2018 and will be issued in the UK as British standards: BS EN 16781:2018,   BS EN 16780:2018,   and BS EN 16779-1:2018.

The three standards were written by a joint working group (CEN/TC248/WG34), convened under the CEN committees TC248 Textiles and CEN TC252 Child Care Articles, in response to European Commission Mandate No M/497, "Standardisation mandate to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI on the safety of child-care articles; Cluster 2 - risks in the sleeping environment; Mattresses for cots, cot bumpers, suspended beds for children, duvets for children, sleep bags for children". The two remaining products (italicised above) are being covered by other work groups.

The standards have been developed to be harmonised under the General Product Safety Directive (enacted in UK as General Product Safety Regulation) so products in compliance with these standards will be presumed to be safe.

These safety specifications are new for most countries, and the provision of labelling, warnings and instructions for use in the local language forms part of the safety of the product. This aspect is expected to be strongly enforced by Market Surveillance Officers (Trading standards in the UK).

All three standards have an 18 month transition period commencing 1 August 2018 to allow existing stock to be sold through.

EN16781:2018 Textile child care articles. Safety requirements and test methods for children's sleep bags.

It is expected that "BS8510:2009 Child use and care articles ‒ Safety of children's sleep bags ‒ Safety requirements and test methods" will be withdrawn. Sleep bags made in compliance with EN16781 will be accepted as safe products throughout the UK and Europe.

The standard provides design limitations to make the sleep bag inherently safe for example:

Other requirements include;

EN 16780:2018 Textile child care articles. Safety requirements and test methods for children's cot bumpers

EN 16780:2018. Textile child care articles. Safety requirements and test methods for children's cot bumpers This will replace certain parts of "BS1877-10:2011+A1:2012 Domestic bedding. Specification for mattresses and bumpers for children's cots, perambulators and similar domestic articles", relating to cot bumpers.

Like EN16781, this has been drafted in response to an EU Commission Mandate, and when harmonised will have similar status.

Many requirements are based on BS1877-10, with enhancements similar to those used for infants clothing, so they are known to be achievable in production. The emphasis has been on inherent safe design so for example;

Specific marking, warnings and instructions for use have been provided in the standard.

IMPORTANT: Cot bumper have been a major discussion topic by professional infant health providers world-wide, and in certain US states have been prohibited.

EN 16779-1:2018. Textile child care articles. Safety requirements and test methods for children's cot duvets. Part 1. Duvet (excluding duvet covers)

This standard considers all duvets, and quilts or comforters with a non-removable cover. The removable cot duvet covers will be specified in Part 2 of the standard which is under development.

There is no existing standard for cot duvet; however, for several years UK health professionals have recommended that cot duvets are not suitable for infants under 12 months.

EN16799-1 is applicable to duvets up to 120 cm x 140cm. Larger duvets are not in scope; however, many aspects of the standard represent good practice for product construction and manufacture.

EN 16799-1 provides safety requirements for the design, materials and construction for the cot duvet to deliver inherent safety by design and manufacture. These include

The standard also provides requirements for Specific marking (labelling) to provide as well as specific warnings and instructions for use.

IMPORTANT France has national legislation concerning flammability performance of duvets which is applicable in that country.

Copies of these standards can be obtained from BSI or your local national standards organisation. Please contact  for further information.

May 2018 - Labelling Seminar in Belgium

Sue delivered a seminar covering the Essentials of Labelling for clothing, home textiles and footwear to 29 IVOC/CREAMODA members on 17th May.   The seminar included labelling compliance with the GPSD, Textile labelling regulation, Biocidal products, footwear, labelling care symbols, UK and Irish nightwear flammability legislation; together with discussion of best practice for products for the whole european market.


November 2017 - CEN TC248 WG20 Meeting at the SDC in Bradford


The annual meeting of CEN TC 248, European standards technical committee for textile and textile products was held at SDC’s offices in Bradford West Yorkshire in November; with support from SDC Enterprises, BTTG, NCWA, UKFT, SGS, Intertek, Holdstock Technical Services, TSA and organised by Bolton Consultancy Limited.

Four working groups met during the week, including WG 20 Safety of children’s clothing, which is convened by Sue and was attended by 16 experts from Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and UK (pictured).



October 2017 - ISO TC38 Meeting New Orleans



The ASTM and AATCC hosted ISO TC 38 in the USA in October 2017 which met in New Orleans.

Sue chaired ISO TC 38 Textiles SC1 tests for colourants and coloured textiles (colour fastness) which was attended by 52 experts from 9 countries.   She also attended ISO TC 38 plenary and ISO TC 38 SC2 care labelling, cleansing and water resistance tests as UK expert.


September 2017 - International China Legislation Conference 2017 Barcelona

An international conference for delegates invited from across the industry in the EU was held in Barcelona, Spain, to share and promote understanding of Legislation and Standards for the safety of children’s clothing and related products in China and in the EU. The conference assembled a panel of representatives from the standardisation bodies of both China and the EU including Mr Sun Ximin from CNTAC and Mrs Ingrid Soetaert from CEN together with the experts responsible for drafting the respective standards:

Delegates were invited to address detailed questions and requests for clarification to the panel which considered the questions in detail and reported back the following day.


December 2016 - Printwear & Promotion Special Report

Sue Bolton expains the implications of Brexit on textile product quality and safety legislation and standards in a special report published in Printwear and Promotion December 2016 - "Brexit - Life after [Article] 50".

Printwear and Promotion, the leading journal for the decorated garment industry, is available to registered readers as a printed or digital publication.   The report can be read on the Printwear and Promotion website .  

September 2016 - Consultation on updating the Furniture & Furnishings Regulations

The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have issued the following request as part of their consultation on updating the Furniture & Furnishings Regulations:  

We would like your views on changes that we propose to make to the current regulations. We plan to remove the 1988 Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations and replace them with an updated version - the 2016 Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations.   We would welcome your comments on the proposals and the draft of the new regulations. 

The draft regulations are included in the consultation document which may be viewed on the GOV.UK website at:  

You can respond to the survey online at: 

If you wish to make comments the closing date of this consultation is 11 November 2016.